Monday, April 05, 2010

Lame response from Yale PR office re: PepsiCo / medical school deal

Here is what I received from Yale after I signed the petition at to ask the Yale School of Medicine to end its deal with PepsiCo, which I wrote about here and here.
Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding the Yale School of Medicine. Dean Alpern has asked the Office of Public Affairs to respond, since you refer to a recent news release which we issued.

The Yale MD/PhD Program is funded by many different public, corporate and private sources. However none of the donors can influence the content - or compromise the quality - of the program, which is considered one of the most rigorous in the country. For almost 200 years, the Yale School of Medicine has maintained the highest standards of academic and research integrity. The nutritional research conducted by Yale clinical scientists addresses important diseases including metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity.

Only through the generosity of our many donors can Yale School of Medicine continue to push the frontiers of clinical research and translational medicine.


Charles Robin Hogen Œ70)
Deputy Director of Public Affairs
Yale University
So let's write directly to Robin and explain that why this won't cut it.

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Anthro said...

I wrote and got a similar response. I wrote again and said that the response missed the point entirely. Nothing back as of 4/14,

His position seems to be that Pepsi won't choose the candidates or the projects, so everything is peachy-keen. Why would anyone think that Pepsi would have any influence on the research? I asked him just why Pepsi would spend their money if they thought Yale would be doing a lot of anti-soda/obesity-linkage research? Maybe he thinks I'm not academically up to Yale's standards because I only sent to a state university that doesn't take corporate money.