Thursday, June 03, 2010

PepsiCo Teams up with White House to Whitewash Worthless Snack and Sodas - AlterNet article

Food and beverage giant PepsiCo claims to be "investing in a healthier future for people and our planet." But how is that possible when their top-selling products include Mountain Dew and Doritos? 

Check out my article on PepsiCo over at AlterNet. Please post comments there, if you're so inclined, since editors love that.

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GingerSnap said...

"Healthy" and "Good for You" have been so twisted and pulled out of context by marketing megalomaniacs. It is sad to think that the corporate ‘friends’ people follow on Facebook, Twitter and other feral marketing and ‘fan’ social networks are busy every day trying to dupe them and milk another dollar from their shrinking pockets. Are we seriously supposed to believe that simply reducing calories (the reason we eat food) will make junk food better? That by adding indigestible gums, fibers, fillers, and other worthless food ingredients will allow us to continue our gluttonous feasting and not have to worry about it – preposterous! But hey, you're helping keep the economy afloat by spending that money on useless garbage. If not for that false hope, at least keep spending it to keep your corporate overlords in the game and in charge of your life!

Speaking of corporate overlords; nice to see them all taking aim on decimating the food cultures of developing worlds and bringing them a food philosophy that has helped us become the models of health that we are here in the US. Alas, another sign of our globalized world.